Opening Session
Opening Remarks by Co-Chair, Mr. Ian C. Porter, Country
Director for Cambodia, World Bank
Session I: Macro/Fiscal Overview
Statement by the IMF Representative On Behalf of the Fiscal Reform Working Group
Macroeconomic and structural reform update, World Bank
Statement of the Government of Japan
Statement by the European Commission delegation
Statement by Germany
Denmark brief on Specific Areas
United Kingdom Brief
Statement by Sweden
Déclaration de la France
Statement of the Presidency, on behalf of the European Union
U.S. Delegation Statement
Changes in New Zealand’s Official Development Assistance Programme
Priority Areas for Joint Monitoring ( English | Khmer )
Session II: Poverty Reduction Strategy and its Implementation
a) Status of Poverty Reduction Strategy
Poverty Reduction Discussion points, UNDP
NGO Statement to the 2002 Consultative Group Meeting on Cambodia
Session III: Review of Governance – Implementation and Links to 
a) Civil Service Reform and Demobilisation
Review of Governance - Implementation and Links to Poverty Reduction,  by Mrs. Dominique Aït Ouyahia-McAdams (UNDP), Co-Chair of Public Administration Reform Working Group . 
Statement of the Chair of the Donors’ Demobilization Working Group
b) Legal and Judicial Reform
Statement of the Chair of the Donors’ Governance Working Group
Session IV: Natural Resources Management – Environmental 
                     Sustainability for Poverty Reduction
a) Forestry and Fisheries Reform
Key Reform Issues in Forestry and Fishery Sector, On behalf of Donors' Working Group on Natural Resource Management (WGNRM)
Forestry and Fisheries Statement
b) Land Management
Asian Development Bank Statement as Co-Chair of the Donors' Working Group on Natural Resource Management: "Land Management and Water Resources Management"
Performance Indicators for the Sustainable Management of National Resources
Session V: Summary of Working Discussions for Decentralization 
                    and Partnerships and Aid Coordination
a) Decentralization
Discussion Point for the Decentralization Sessions, UNDP
b) Partnerships and Aid Coordination
Discussion Points for the Partnerships/Aid Coordination Session, UNDP
Session VI: External Financing Requirements and Pledging  
Statement by the Delegation of Belgium
Statement by the Netherlands delegation
Aid Pledges for 2002
Closing Session
Closing Remarks by the Co-Chair, Mr. Ian C. Porter 
English | Khmer )
Cambodia CG 2002 Press Release

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