Government-Development Partner Joint Technical Working Groups

29 Sep 2017

TWG Chair/Co-Chair(s) Lead DP Facilitator TWG Secretariat Resource Person CRDB's TWG Focal Point
1. Agriculture & Water 
H.E. Thor Chetha
Secretary of State,

H.E. Ty Sokhun
Secretary of State,
Ms. Alexandre Huynh
FAO Representative,

(Alternate DP Facilitator)
Mr. MENG Sakpouseth
Representative, IFAD
Mr. Mak Mony
Deputy Director,
Head of the TWG Secretariat
016 947 475
077 512 571

Mr. Chann Sinath
Deputy Director General,
012 528 777
Mr. Etienne Careme
Operation Coordinator, FAO

SP: Sokhon 011 956 577 (MAFF)
Ms. Phana Veunida
2. Decentralisation &
H.E. Sak Setha
Secretary of State, MOI
Mrs. Fiona Ramsey
First Secretary (Head of Cooperation Section),
EU Delegation

Mr. Samiuela Tukuafu
Country Director, ADB
H.E. Ngan Chamroeun
Under Secretary of State of MOI
Deputy Head of the TWG Secretariat
012 489 993

Mr. Toch Pol Ponnlok
092 888 163
Titvirak San
Assistant to H.E. Ngan Chamroeun
NCDD Secretariat,

Mr. Sok Sophy
012 911 642
Mr. Kim Lumangbopata
3. Education 
H.E. Dr. Hang Chuon Naron
Minister, MoEYS
H.E. Nath Bunroeun
Secretary of State,
Head of the TWG Secretariat
012 513 366

H.E.Mr. Lim Sothea
Director General of Policy and Planning Dept.,
012 535 617
Mr. Chhim Sokun Vireak,
011 886 965
Mr. Mok Puthy
4. Fisheries 
H.E. Eng Cheasan
Delegate of Government and Director-General of Fisheries Administration
H.E. Aymeric ROUSSEL
Attache, EU
Mr. Chan Danith
Head of the TWG Secretariat
012 966 157
  Mr. Kang SunChheang
5. Social Protection, Food
    Security & Nutrition
    (TWG-SP, FS&N)
H.E. Yim Chayly
Deputy Prime Minister
Ms. Polly Dunford
Mission Director, USAID
H.E. Lao Sokharom
Secretary General,
Head of the TWG Secretariat
017 346 060
097 377 7778

Ms. Ly Sokleap
Ms. Debora Comini (Social Protection)
H.E. Sok Silo
Deputy Secretary General,
Head of (FS&N) Coordination Unit
012 451 111

H.E. San Vathana
Deputy Secretary General,
Head of Social Protection Coordination Unit
012 950 410
Ms. Than Sreymach
Assistance to Country
Representative, UNICEF
012 692 080
6. Forestry Reform
H.E. Chheng Kimsun
Delegate of Government and Director-General of Forestry
Ms. Sandra Stajka
Director of Food Security and Environment Office
Mr. Sok Srun
Chief Officer
Head of the TWG Secretariat
012 940 936
  Mr. Kang Sungchheang
7. Gender
H.E. Dr. Ing Kantha Phavi
Minister, MoWA
Mr. Napoleon Navarro
Senior Policy Advisor, UNDP

Mr. Takeharu KOJIMA
Senior Representative,
Mr. The Chhunhak
Deputy Director General Gender
Equality and Economic Development
Head of Secretariatt
012 988 841
Ms. Pich Thyda
Program Officer, JICA

Mr. Eiichiro Hayashi
Project Formulation Advisor
Ms. Samreth Chedthaphirum
8. Health
H.E. Mam Bunheng
Minister, MOH
Dr. Liu Yunguo
Prof. Eng Huot
Secretary of State,
Head of the TWG Secretariat
016 813 151
Ms. Lene Kroll Christiansen

Ms. Sheri-Nouane
Director of Public Health and Education,
Mr. Mok Puthy
H.E. Kao Try
Vice-Chairman of NAA
Mrs. Christina Lau
Infectious Disease Team Leader, Office of Public Health & Education, USAID/Cambodia
Dr. Sim Kimsan
Head of TWG Secretariat,
Deputy Secretary General of Resource Mobilization ,NAA
017 611 111

Mr. Chhea Sitthi
Deputy Head of TWG Secratariat,
Director of Department, NAA
099 999 293

Mr. Huoth Sereyrath
Member of TWG, Director of Department, NAA
011 958 889
  Ms. Reth Krisna
10. Infrastructure and
      Regional Integration
H.E. Sun Chanthol
Senior Minister,
Mr. Yuichi SUGANO
Chief Representative, JICA(Lead Facilitator)

Mr Tanaka Kotaro,
Senior Representative, JICA, in charge of infrastructure (responsible for TWG-IRI)
H.E. Nou Sovath
Secretary of State,
Head of the TWG Secretariat

Mr. Sar Vutha
Senior Officer of IRI TWG-S
078 999 595
012 878 826
Mr Daisuke Fukuzawa

Mr. Say Bora
Program Officer,
Ms. Phana Veunida
11. Land
H.E. Sar Sovann
Secretary of State,
Suspended H.E. Tep Thorn
Director General,
Vice Chair of TWG

Mr. Tou Sothou
Head of the TWG Secretariat
012 792 777

Mr. Lor Salath
Advisor to TWG-Land
012 557 496
  Mr. Oul Nak
12. Legal and Judicial
H.E. Ang Vongvatana
Minister, MoJ
Ms. Marie-Dominique Parent
Deputy Representative and
Officer-in-Charge, Office of
the High Commissioner for Human Rights
H.E. Chin Malin
Under Secretary of State Head of the TWG Secretariat
061 666 778

Deputy Heads of the TWG Secretariat

1. H.E. Pen Pich Saly
095 779 267

2. H.E.Ms. Pen Somethea
012 955 053
Ms. Claudia de la Fuente,
Head of Rule of Law Unit,

Mr. Hourn Vanhorn
Ministry of Justice
099 333 616
H.E. Chou Heng
13. Mine Action
H.E. Ly Thuch
Senior Minister, Secretary General of CMAA
Mr. Napoleon Navarro
Senior Policy Advisor,
H.E. Mol Roeup Seyha
Deputy Secretary General,
Head of the TWG Secretariat
097 2001 280

Mr. Prom Serey Audom
Assistant of TWG-MA Secretariat
092 456 778
  Mr. Samreth Chedthaphirum
14. Partnership &
H.E. Chhieng Yanara
Minister Attached to the PM and Secretary General of CRDB/CDC
Mr. Nick Beresford
Country Director,

Mr. Samuel Hurtig
Head of Development Cooperation,
Embassy of Sweden

Mr. Martina Fors Mohlin
Embassy of Sweden
H.E. Chou Heng
Director of Aid Coordination Policy Department
Head of the TWG Secretariat
012 266 803

Ms. Ly Sokleap
TWG Secretariat
012 507 292
UNDP office: 023 216 167 (ext. 142) H.E. Chou Heng
15. Planning and Poverty
H.E. Tuon Thavrak
Secretary of State,

H.E. San Sy Than
Secretary of State,
Ms. Claire Van Der Vaeren
UN Resident Coordinator

Ms. Inguna Dobraja
Country Manager,
World Bank
H.E. Mr. Theng Pagnathun
Director General,
Head of the TWG Secretariat
012 899 313

H.E.Mr. Poch Sovanndy
Director General
012 931 264
Ms. Kristina Diotima Von Knobelsdorff
UN Coherence and Development Effectiveness Specialist
United Nations Resident Coordinator's Office (RCO)
Tel: 023 216 167 (ext. 121)

Mr. Kimsun Tong
Poverty Economist,
World Bank
Ms. Reth Krisna
16. Private Sector
H.E. Sok Chenda Sophea
Minister Attached to the PM Secretary General, CDC
Secretary General of PSD Committee
Mr. Samiuela Tukuafu
Country Director,
Mr. Suon Sophal
Director of Public Relations & Promotion, CIB
Head of the TWG Secretariat
017 937 788

H.E. Mr. Nuth Unvoanra
Assistant to Minister Attached to
the PM, Secretary General, CDC
099 902 345
  Mr. Oul Nak
17. Public Administration
H.E. Mr. Youk Bunna
Secretary of State,
Mr. Sokbunthoeun So
Public Sector Management Specialist,
World Bank

To be confirmed from German side
H.E. Kong Sophy
Director General
Ministry of Civil Service
Head of the TWG Secretariat
012 488 185

Ms. Phlek Ryneth
Director of Development Partners Coordination Unit,
012 800 510

Mr. Kimheng
012 891 821
  Ms. Ly Sokleap
18. Public Financial
H.E. Aun Porn Moniroth
Senior Minister, MEF
Mr. Sokbunthoeun So
Public Sector Management Specialist,
World Bank

Mr. Javier Castillo-Alvarez
Attach - Aid  Effectiveness, Budget Support PFM
H.E. Ros Seilava
Under Secretary of State
and Secretary General of the
General Secretariat for PFM Reform
Steering Committee, MEF

Assistant to H.E.Mr. Ros Seilava:
017 907 773

Ms. Sorita
012 417 774
Mr. Sodeth Ly
Economist and PFM Officer,
World Bank

Mr. Suhas Joshi
IMF Regional PFM Advisor
Mr. Kim Lumangbopata
19. Rural Water Supply
      Sanitation Hygiene
H.E. Ouk Rabun
Minister, MoRD
Chair of TWG

H.E. Try Meng
Secretary of State,
Vice Chair of TWG
Ms. Debora Comini
Mr. Chreay Pom
Head of the TWG Secretariat
012 826 102

Dr. Mao Saray
Deputy Head of Secretariat
012 558 558
H.E. Sao Chivoan
Secretary of State,
012 830 612
016 830 612  
Mr. Phon Samphors
20. Climate Change

* Under Discussion
H.E. Chuop Parish
Deputy Secretary General, MOE and Chair of TWG

Mr. Sum Thy
Director of Climate Change Department MOE and Vice Chair of TWG

Mr. Thai Chantha
Director of Department and Vice Chair of TWG
H.E. Chou Heng
Note***: Lead DPs Facilitator: Mrs. Fiona Ramsey and Ms. Claire Van der Vaeren.