Annex Four

Sector and Sub-Sector Classifications

Sector / Sub-sector

Social Sectors





 Immunisation & Disease Control

 School and Facilities

 Medical Education

 Secondary Education

 Medicines & Equipment

 Sector Policy

 Primary Health


 Reproductive Health

 Teacher Training

 Sector Policy

 Tertiary, Vocational and Higher



Economic Sectors


Manufacturing, Mining & Trade

 Agriculture financial services

 Industrial Development

 Agriculture inputs

 Mining, Fossil Fuel

 Agriculture sector policy and management

 Policy and Administration

 Agriculture Water & Irrigation

 SME Policy and Development

 Cash and Export Crops

 Technological Research

 Education, Training

 Trade Policy, Negotiation

 Extension Services



Rural Development

 Food Crops

 Land Management and Planning

 Food Security, Nutrition

 Land Mine Clear


 Rural Roads

 Livestock & Veterinary

 Rural Sector Policy and Administration


 Rural Water & Sanitation




Banking and Business Services


 Business Support Services

Urban Plan & Management

 Financial Sector Policy, Planning & Regulation

 Land Management and Spatial Planning

 Formal sector financial institutions

 Urban Sector Policy and Administration

 Informal sector financial institutions



Water and Sanitation

 Air Infrastructure & Transport

 Education and Training

 Rail Infrastructure & Transport

 River Development

 Road Infrastructure & Transport

 Sector Policy and Planning

 Transport Policy and Management

 Waste Management

 Water Infrastructure (port)

 Urban Water Supply and Sanitation



Energy, Power and Electricity

Information and Communications

 Energy Research


 Energy Policy and Management

 Post & Telecommunications

 Power Generation

 Radio / Television / Print Media

 Power Transmission


Services & Cross-Sectoral Programme

Community and Social Welfare

Governance & Administration

Culture & Arts

  Economic & Development Policy/Planning

Environment and Conservation



  Human Rights


  Legal and Judicial


  Decentralisation & Deconcentration

Budget & Balance of Payments Support

  Public Financial Management

Emergency and food aid

  Public Administration Reform


  Civil Society

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