2nd Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum



Agriculture Productivity and Diversification


Thinking about future directions for agriculture in Cambodia


Development Partners’ Overview

Presented by Mr. Eric Beugnot

3rd – 5th December 2008 - Phnom Penh


An unevenly population distribution
on the national territory

Population is concentrated in main rice growing areas,
with increasing growth in peripheral regions


“Rice & central Cambodia”
“Forest & peripheral Cambodia”


Peripheral Cambodia … A large “public land reserve”

Where and how to plan for sustainable, equitable development ?

How this area can support smallholders agriculture and contribute to poverty reduction ?



Which direction for agriculture in peripheral areas ?

Perennial crops

Species/ sector

  • Rubber, Cashew

  • Fruits

  • Bio-energy (?)

  • Wood


  • a limited choice of species (rain, soil)

  • rigidity of the production systems

  • poor people excluded if no support

Agro-industrial sector

  • Plantation


Annual crops and livestock

Species / sector

  • Principal: Maize, Rice, Cassava, Soy.

  • Secondary: Sesame, Bean, Sorghum …

  • Tertiary: Cotton, Sunflower …

  • Cattle rearing, Pig and Poultry


  • high species diversification

  • flexible production systems (/ market)

  • more accessible for poor

Agro-industrial sector

  • Contract farming


Major national / regional infrastructures (transport, energy)
already planned


How to adjust Productivity and Diversification ?




Main issues

  • Strengthening the RGC ownership of the strategy for agriculture and water (SAW) and coordination of the TWG AW works
  • Need to evolve from a project to program approach to align all supports
  • Need to explore the current RGC reforms to implement the programs with efficiency
  • Need to develop an enabling environment for private sector involvement and PPP (in relation with Trade SWAp)
  • Need to engage a fruitful dialogue on land planning in peripheral area with line Ministries
  • Need to increase public investment


How to combine efficient and pro-poor agriculture
with country planning


2008: 13,4 mill. inhab.

2020: 16,0 mill. inhab.

Strategic policy



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