Cambodia Development Cooperation Forum (CDCF)
Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2-3 June 2010

Deputy Prime Minister KEAT CHHON, M.P.
Minister of Economy and Finance
First Vice-Chairman, Council for the Development of Cambodia
Chairman, CDCF
Royal Government of Cambodia

Multi-Year Indicative Financing Framework (MYIFF)


- Colleagues from the Government
- Honorable Ambassadors, Distinguished Representatives of Development Partners
- Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

  1. Please allow me to bring the meeting to order. Our final session before lunch concerns the Multi-Year Indicative Financing Framework.

  2. The Multi-Year Indicative Financing Framework has now become a well-established and indeed well-supported tool for promoting predictable medium-term projections in support of the Royal Government's planning and budgeting process. I believe this session is an important complement to the discussions we have had over the last two days. In each of our sessions we have emphasised our joint commitment to supporting sector and reform programmes. But we have also acknowledged that there is much to be done in order to secure progress towards meeting the Cambodia Millennium Development Goals. In all cases the human resources and endeavor that are required are significant. Yet the financial requirements are even more formidable.

    - Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

  3. It is a well-established fact Cambodia's development partners have provided consistent and committed support over an extended period. We have shared concerns about how effectively we utilise these resources and I think we all felt very reassured by the discussions on aid management and effectiveness in this morning's session. I trust that this means that we can feel sure that resources will be put to effective use and will be used in an accountable manner to deliver meaningful results. That is our aim.

  4. Please allow me to share with you now the consolidated set of financial commitments that have been provided to us in advance of this meeting.

    [Numbers on the screen]

  5. In total, for the year 2010, a total resource allocation of 1.1 Billion Dollars has been indicated by our development partners.

[Slide of MYIFF data to be shown on the main screen]

    • 439 million Dollars will be provided by international organisations, including the United Nations, ADB, the World Bank;

    • 256 million Dollars will be provided by the European Commission and the combined countries of the European Union; and

    • 402 million Dollars will be provided by other bilateral development partners, including 131.8 million Dollars from Japan, 100 million from China and 68.5 million from the United States.

  1. Furthermore, although I stress that these are indicative figures, and are not to be taken as pledges or firm commitments, the level of support for 2011 is 958 million Dollars and 750 million US Dollars in 2012. This represents a three-year total of 2.8 billion Dollars for the period 2010 to 2012. Further expected commitments will increase these figures as development partners programme their funds in consultation with the Royal Government.

  2. Please allow me to now open the floor so that our development partners can have the opportunity to deliver statements related to the resourcing of the NSDP.

    The Chairs briefing note contains some suggested closing remarks as follows:

    Excellencies, Ladies and Gentlemen

  3. I thank you for the additional comments provided and of course for the indicative commitments made at this meeting. Our meeting has identified many on-going challenges, but also cause for optimism, and I am pleased that development partners share the Royal Government's view that the challenges are surmountable and the prospects good.

  4. We therefore sincerely appreciate the partnership, the support and the resources that have been made available by the international community over the last years and look forward to your continued support in the future. On our part, I can pledge the Royal Government's full commitment to implementing the NSDP and associated reforms.