Sector Strategy of TWGs
Agriculture & Water
National Strategy Agriculture Water 2006-2010English
Education Strategic Plan 2014-2018 Khmer  |  English
Fisheries The Strategic Planning Framework 2010-2019English
Forestry Reform
National Forest Programme 2010-2029Khmer  |  English
Health Strategic Plan 2008-2015Khmer  |  English
National Immunization Program Strategic Plan 2016-2020English
Mine Action
Five Year Strategic Plan 2010-2014English
National mine action strategy 2010-2019Khmer  |  English
Signed Partnership Principles MAEnglish
Partnership & Harmonization
Development Cooperation & Partnerships Strategy 2014-2018 Khmer  |  English
Development Cooperation & Partnerships Strategy 2019-2023Khmer  |  English
Planning and Poverty Reduction
MPSP 2014-2018 English
NSDP 2014-2018Khmer  |  English
NSDP 2014-2018 Mid-term ReviewKhmer
Private Sector Development
Road Map - Trade Sector Wide ApproachEnglish
Public Administration Reform
MOPF Strategies (Official Chapter IV) English
Rural Water & Supply Sanitation Hygiene
National Strategy for Rural Water Supply, Sanitation and Hygiene 2011-2025Khmer  |  English
National policy on minority ethnicsKhmer
Social Protection, Food Security & Nutrition
National Social Protection Strategy for the Poor and vulnerable 2011-2015Khmer  |  English
National Social Protection Strategy Policy Framework (2016-2025)Khmer  |  English
National Strategy for Food Security and nutrition 2014-2018Khmer  |  English
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